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About ETSI Fellowship

Education Technology for Social Impact (ETSI) fellowship is a 1-year immersive programme designed to provide data-intensive modern leadership experience to young educators in the social development sector. It comprises of an 8-week intensive classroom programme and a 9-month immersive leadership experience to cast a unique set of skills necessary to make it in the development space.

The classroom sessions train the fellows in Information Technology, Educational Data Science, Learning Theories, Communication Skills, and Leadership. These sessions are conducted by some of the industry stalwarts. The 9-month immersive leadership experience is a residential programme in which fellows are required to assume leadership roles on the ground working with some of the biggest non-profits, CSR funds, and Change agencies in the country.

This programme is designed to recognise and grow young leaders in the education sector who believe in the power of Technology and Data to bring large scale impact in the country.

” ETSI fellows are committed to improving the quality of education by working closely with Teachers, Students, Data Scientists, and Techies in tandem. They become the connecting cord between the traditional teachers and modern learning sciences.”

Why ETSI fellowship?

Leadership: Leadership is the cornerstone of ETSI Fellowship. Throughout the fellowship, we work towards building leadership skills in our fellows through classrooms lectures from prominent industry leaders providing the right exposure and immersive experience to apply the learnt skills on the ground real time.

Gen-Y Educator: The ETSI fellowship positions fellows in the unique intersection of Education, Technology, and Data that prepares them to become educators of the next generation.

Stipend & Placement: The fellowship is a learning experience for the fellows and an opportunity for them to enhance their analyzing, decision-making and leadership skills. To achieve that, the fellows will be properly trained by social impact leaders and will be provided with an opportunity to work with schools at different locations across India. You would not be required to pay for the travel, training or mentorship.

Fellows to be awarded with a certificate and letter of recommendation, post the completion of the fellowship.

Certificate & LOR: Fellows successfully completing the fellowship will be awarded a certificate and a letter of recommendation for future work opportunities.

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