Each Child has the Right to Quality Education!

We are a foundation which aims to create impact in the education sector by making effective use of technology and our fellowship provides the fellows with a unique opportunity to gain real-world experiences under the mentorship of social impact leaders.

Technology in education provides us with a medium to deliver personalised learning to each and every child by tailoring content as per their individual learning curve. With instant feedback on the child’s performance, technology has the potential to let each child learn at their own pace. Technology can thus provide the schools with a tool to assist teachers in effective and meaningful delivery of education.

But our education system has been slow in leveraging technology in a meaningful manner in schools and thus there still remains a gap. Thus our objective is to bridge these implementation gaps by creating an extra layer of Gen-Y educators whose expertise in education, technology and data will help government and non-government organizations to leverage technology in the right way.

With continuous advancements in technology and Digital India Initiatives being adopted by the government, we believe that integrating technology in the classrooms in a meaningful manner can create a huge social impact in our society.