Q1. Can you briefly explain me the fellowship?
A1. Let us try and summarise the ETSI fellowship for you.
  1. ETSI fellowship is a one-year immersive fellowship programme comprising of classroom training and a field engagement programme.
  2. Under the classroom training sessions, the fellows would be adequately trained beforehand so that they can apply that knowledge to solve practical issues that they would face on the ground.
  3. The training would be conducted by experienced mentors from the social impact space. They would guide the fellows in their work, provide clarity and enable them to tackle real-life situations.
  4. Apart from the classroom sessions, the fellows get an opportunity to work with schools at the grassroots level which would help them understand the ground realities and practically implement their learnings.
  5. During the field engagement programme, the fellows would be required to provide training, analyse issues and provide holistic solutions to help improve the delivery of education in their allocated schools. This will help them enhance their problem solving and leadership skills.
  6. Apart from the training costs of the fellows, they would also be provided with a monthly stipend to manage their day-to-day expenses.
Q2. What is the aim of this fellowship?
A2. Providing educated Indian youth with an opportunity to touch lives and create a positive change. This fellowship would allow the fellows to develop skills to become socially conscious leaders by analysing and understanding the diversity of challenges faced in the education sector and thus would make them capable of creating & implementing holistic solutions.

Q3. Why should I apply for this fellowship?
A3. You should apply for this fellowship if you want:
  1. Opportunity to work with the key education stakeholders at the grassroots level.
  2. Training by some of the prominent names in the social impact space and learn from their personal experiences.
  3. Exhibit leadership & acquire management skills through your work under the proper guidance of your mentors.
  4. Travel across different locations across India to understand diversity and tackle region wise issues in education.
  5. Opportunity to work with like-minded fellows and learn from each other’s experiences.
  6. Certificate of appreciation and job opportunities for fellows successfully completing the fellowship.
  7. Monthly stipend to manage day-to-day expenses along with other fixed reimbursements.
Q4. Who are we looking for?
A4. Join us if you are:
  1. Committed to the cause that each child has the right to quality education.
  2. Passionate about development challenges and resolving issues faced in education by providing meaningful and practical solutions.
  3. Passionate about working with students, school administrations and communities across India.
  4. A reliable and dependable individual who is accountable for his/her actions.
  5. Willing to learn from new experiences and hone skills by analysing and solving real-life problems.
  6. Willing to work at the grassroots level and make oneself self-aware of the ground realities.
  7. Willing to work with minimum financial support for the tenure of the fellowship in view of the larger goal.
Q5. How will the ETSI fellowship help me grow professionally?
A5. The fellowship programme would provide the fellows with the first-hand experience of working with the key education stakeholders which include students, teachers, school administration and the community. These experiences would train the fellows to think innovatively, act proactively, exhibit leadership and acquire management skills.
This combination of knowledge and skills will be highly valued by any organisation and will be of high relevance in any career that you choose to pursue thereafter.

Q6. Will I be trained adequately before I start my field engagement programme?

A6. Yes! We would make sure that the fellows are trained adequately before allocating them their schools. Also, to ensure that the fellows do not face any issues, our team would constantly stay in touch with them and help them in any way possible.
There would be regular monitoring throughout the tenure of the fellowship and the fellow training would be conducted in phases so that we can collectively work on the gathered feedback from the schools and implement solutions to create a real impact.

Q7. Can I have professional or other academic engagements along with this fellowship?

A7. ETSI fellowship would require you to be available full-time during the tenure of the fellowship. Thus to make your efforts count and effectively learn from the entire process, we advise you to give your complete attention to the fellowship. Also, there is no scope for part-time participation in this fellowship.

Q8. What does a candidate receive after completion of the fellowship?

A8. On successful completion of the fellowship, a candidate receives a certificate of appreciation along with recommendations. Meritorious fellows will also be provided with job opportunities with our leading partner organisations.

Q9. I am not sure about the stipend component of the fellowship?

A9. The fellowship is a learning experience for the fellows and an opportunity for them to enhance their analysing, decision-making and leadership skills. To achieve that, the fellows will be properly trained by social impact leaders and will be provided with an opportunity to work with schools at different locations across India. You would not be required to pay for the travel, training or mentorship. Apart from that, you would be provided with a monthly stipend to manage your day-to-day expenses.
Please understand that this is a stipend and not a salary.

Q10. Can I pick up the geographical region where I want to work during the fellowship?

A10. The classroom training sessions and workshops for all the fellows would be conducted at our assessment centres.
Apart from that, for the field engagement programme of the fellowship, we will consider the preferences provided by the fellows but they wouldn’t be able to hand pick the region they want to work in.
We thrive on the faith that each stakeholder involved in the process is fully committed to the cause of collectively bringing about a positive change in the society.

Q11. How can I apply to the ETSI Fellowship?

A11. To apply for the ETSI fellowship, please click here.