The ETSI Fellowship is a 1-year immersive programme comprising of two major components.

1. Classroom Sessions & Workshops: 
The fellowship comprises of an 8-week intensive classroom training programme which is spread across the entire duration of the fellowship. Through these sessions, the fellows are adequately trained in Information Technology, Educational Data Science, Learning Theories, Communication Skills, and Leadership Skills.
These sessions are conducted by industry leaders at a single location which enables a fellow to interact with other fellows and encourage peer learning. The sessions are divided into three segments:
(i) Induction Training
(i) Midpoint Training
(iii) End Point Training
These sessions instil young leaders with the required skills to leverage the power of technology & data to bring large scale impact in the education sector.

2. Immersive Leadership Programme & Work Assignments:
The 9-month immersive leadership programme provides the fellows with the opportunity to assume leadership roles on the ground by working with non-profits, CSR funds, and Change agencies across the country.
During the entire period, the fellows provide constant feedback and apply their learning to create and implement holistic solutions to improve the quality of education on the ground.
The fellows are also provided with regular work assignments which enable them to upgrade their skills further and gain valuable experience that helps them in their professional career.

ETSI fellowship provides young leaders with an experiential learning program that can help them find a path to contribute to social change, irrespective of the career they choose as their profession.